How The Resolute Procedure Works

Bariatric Surgeon Denver

Unlike other forms of weight loss surgery, Resolute is laparoscopic. That means that it is minimally invasive. 4-5 tiny incisions are made in the abdomen, instead of cutting across it. The surgeon uses a small video camera, which allows him to conduct and view the surgery on a video monitor.

Using techniques similar to the safest, NIH-approved weight loss surgeries, Resolute reshapes the stomach to about one-third its original size. Because the size of your stomach is smaller after the surgery, you will eat less because you feel fuller faster. In addition to reducing the amount of food you can eat, the Resolute procedure removes the part of the stomach in which most of the appetite hormones are produced. This reduces the “head hunger” (the obsession with food that causes people to overeat) as well as “grazing behavior” (in which people eat more frequently).

The hospital stay is less than 24 hours, and compared to open surgery, our laparoscopic approach results in less post-operative pain, lower risk for infections, less scarring and faster recovery. After surgery, adherence to a health program and regular follow up visits remain critical to reaching goals and maintaining long term weight loss.

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