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What brought you to the Pure Body Transformation website today?

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Which of our weight loss procedures did you find most appealing?

RESOLUTE: A minimally invasive surgical procedure to alter the shape of the stomach for a more permanent weight loss solution. Patients feel fuller faster and their “head hunger” is greatly reduced.RESHAPE: A non-surgical procedure where balloons are inserted into the stomach and filled with salt water. They eat less because they feel fuller faster. The balloons remain for six months and then are removed.I did not find either of these options appealing.

In the end, what weight loss option do you believe that you will most likely try?

RESOLUTERESHAPEI will stick with diet and/and exerciseMedically supervised weight lossOther procedure

If you chose "Other", please tell us what other procedure(s) interests you.

Did you know that the success rate of diet and exercise is only 5% over the long term? The success rate with surgical weight loss is greater than 80%. And with RESHAPE, you can experience many of the benefits of surgical weight loss without the surgery, and without any permanent alteration to your anatomy.

Would you like more information about the procedure?

Please contact me to schedule a consultation. Also, tell me about the $250 new wardrobe gift card bonus!Please send me information that I can share with my doctor.No thank you, I’m not interested.

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