Why Resolute Works

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A Lasting weight loss solution

Until recently, a restrictive diet and disciplined exercise regimen were the only options to achieve long-term weight loss. But advances in medical science have made another option possible. One that takes into account the new realities of the American lifestyle and offers a real and lasting weight loss solution.

Resolute works as a safe and minimally invasive surgical weight loss procedure that reshapes your stomach into a smaller size—to be more in line with your body type and weight loss goals. It also dramatically reduces the amount of the appetite hormone, Ghrelin, that your body produces. You eat less, because you feel fuller, faster. You have less of a tendency to feel the “head hunger,” which is so common with most diets. You lose weight quickly and keep it off long-term. The result is a new, slimmer you…along with the health and lifestyle benefits that come with maintaining an ideal weight.

Lose weight for health and longevity

Diet and exercise achieve permanent weight loss only 5% of the time, whereas surgical weight loss has a success rate greater than 80%. But the Pure Body Transformation weight loss solution doesn’t end with the minimally invasive procedure. We provide lifetime support and nutrition counseling to help you make the most of the new, thinner you.

In addition to long term success, our clients report an increase in energy, fewer restrictions on exercise, and fewer health problems associated with higher weight, such as sleep apnea, hypertension, joint problems and more.

Is the Resolute procedure for you? Consult with us, and we’ll provide you with the information you need to determine if our clinically proven method is the right approach to achieve a thinner, healthier you.

Find the weight loss solution you’ve been looking for with Pure Body Transformation