Thank You

Why I do what I do

A little over a year ago, a gentleman in a wheelchair, with severe Parkinson’s disease, came into my office for a consult. He was over 500 lbs, and could barely care for himself, let alone for his family. He and I were both concerned that his weight-related medical problems were so severe that we would not be able to get him through surgery safely, but, without bariatric surgery, he was not likely to live much longer. We brought him into the hospital 3 days ahead of time to work on an aggressive medical plan to get him tuned up for surgery, and the procedure went very well. Some of the post op hurtles included needing his wheelchair to move around, high-dose Parkinson’s medications, and severe leg swelling. Additionally, several family members and staff were needed to help him with his daily activities. Today, just over 6 months after surgery, that man WALKED into my office. Yes, he walked. No wheelchair, no nursing staff, he walked, upright, into my office. He’s lost 135 lbs already, and has a new lease on life. That man (you know who you are) reminded me why I love what I do. I can’t thank you all enough for trusting my team and me with your lives, your loved ones, and for honoring me with your friendship. You all make it worthwhile. Thank you.