Bariatric Surgeon Denver

Dr. Metz First Surgeon in Colorado to Perform Reshape® Non-Surgical Weight-Loss Procedure

Matthew Metz, M.D., F.A.C.S., has become the first surgeon in Colorado to perform the Reshape® non-surgical weight-loss procedure. ReShape is an exciting, new option for overweight adults who haven’t lost weight with diet and exercise alone and do not want – or do not qualify for – bariatric surgery.

“We see a lot of patients who are stuck in the middle. Diet and exercise aren’t working, and surgery isn’t an option,” said Metz. “We’re offering the ReShape procedure because it gives this group of in-between patients access to a non-surgical, reversible option for losing weight with lasting results.”

ReShape is a unique, dual-balloon system that is inserted into the stomach through the mouth while the patient is under mild sedation. The balloons are then filled with about two cups of saline water and stay inside the stomach for about six months. The actual procedure takes about 30 minutes and is performed in an outpatient setting.

The dual-balloon system comfortably conforms to the natural shape of the stomach and does not change or alter the natural anatomy. ReShape acts like built-in portion control while patients develop new, healthier eating habits – patients feel fuller, faster, and as a result, eat much less, which helps them lose weight.

While the balloons are in place, and for another six months after removal, patients receive in-office diet and exercise coaching sessions from Pure Body Transformation staff. Patients also have access to the ReShape Patient Portal, an online community support site with tools and resources to help patients set goals and track weight loss, diet and exercise.

The Reshape procedure is designed for patients with a BMI between 30 and 40 with a related health condition (such as high cholesterol or diabetes), no previous weight loss surgery and a willingness to make changes to support a healthy lifestyle. Although balloon technology is not covered by insurance, patients can potentially save the thousands of dollars typically spent on medical weight loss plans and specialty foods.

Dr. Metz is looking forward to providing this potentially life-changing option to patients who qualify. For more information or to see if you’re a candidate for ReShape, call 720- 851-1610 or visit